Buick Ads

My Buick, my love and I

A collection of cool Buick magazine advertisement pictures to a neat 50's Buick tune.


Buick ads through the years


1923 Buick Ad for 1 millionth Buick sold


1958 Buick Ad Compilation

Music by Lloyd Tripp and the Zipguns Slide show of old 58 Buick ads and pics


The Buick Berle Show - 1953

A 1950s opening intro for "The Buick Berle Show", which was hosted by Milton Berle. This opening also features the original oepning commercial, for Buick, obviously, with a catchy jingle.


1975 Buick Regal Ad

A 1975 TV ad for the Buick Regal Coupe.


Jackie Gleason doing an ad for 1956 Buick on the Honeymooners show.

"Bad to the bone" george thorogood - 1985 grand national ad 


Buick Roadmaster - A Classic Returns (1992)

This video, entitled "The All New Roadmaster Family -- A Classic Returns," was part of Buick's 1992 promotional package, which came with an introductory letter and VHS tape. The video introduces the new 1992 Roadmaster Sedan, Limited Sedan and Estate Wagon, along with an overview of the Roadmaster's comfort, performance, and safety highlights.

2014 Buick Line up commercial

That’s not a Buick!

Check out The 2014 Buick Lineup.